10 Facts About Periods That Turned Out to Be Myths

Women have around 450 periods in their lifetimes and lose around 2 fl oz of blood each time. By the way, the whole process isn’t that cheap: women spend more than $6000 on hygiene products in total. We often don’t even pay attention to these statistics and have no clue about the features of our own bodies, especially when it comes to our periods.

Bright Side is going to bust some common period myths. We hope this article will help you get rid of stereotypes and make your periods more comfortable.

Myth #10: You’re not allowed to take a bath.

Some girls avoid enjoying a bath during their periods, some women think that hot water encourages bleeding, and others are afraid to get an infection. But it’s not a wound that bleeds, it’s just the endometrium that separates from the endometrial wall. Water won’t ever be able to take that “too far.”

10 Facts About Periods That Turned Out to Be Myths

A warm bath can be helpful. Hot water improves the work of the blood vessels, relaxes our smooth muscles, and reduces menstrual cramps. So there’s a chance you’ll feel much better after taking a bath. Of course, it’s recommended to wash your bath before you get in, and if you’re still worried, use a tampon.