26 Rare Historical Photos Captured at the Perfect Time

Archived images are not just a bunch of old photos. They are quick flashes of the past and every single one of them shows an important event we ought to remember. You can see a lot of things in these snapshots like love in the middle of a war, peaceful children, and even a lama traveling in a taxi!

Bright Side has made a new compilation of historical photos so that you can take a quick trip back in time.

26. A foot guard passing out as Queen Elizabeth II rides past during a parade, June 1970.

25. Salvador Dali taking his anteaters for a walk in Paris, 1969

24. Princeton students after a freshman/sophomore snowball fight, 1893

23. Princess Elizabeth and Prince Philipp dancing a country dance, Ottawa, Canada, 1951

22. Children playing among the wreckage of the D-Day Invasion, Normandy, France, 1947

21. Nuclear weapon test Mike on Enewetak Atoll, November 1, 1952

20. Cat Nohcha, the pet of Russian Special Police Force of Kaliningrad, resting, 1994, Gudermes, Chechnya

19. The partially excavated sphinx, 1878

18. A Swiss village, Grindelwald, 1900

17. Cakes for the soldiers fighting against the terrorists during the Romanian Revolution, 1989

16. Broadway, New York, 1949

15. A switch operator poses by the Trans-Siberian Railroad, Russian Empire, 1910 in rare, original color.

14. Guevara ® at the wheel of a US-made car with his second wife Aleida March (L) on their wedding day, Havana, 1959

13. e sign of the Russian restaurant, 1203 in New York inviting everyone to eat free borsht due to Stalin’s death, March 6, 1953

12. Mohammed Alim Khan, the last direct descendant of Genghis Khan to rule his own kingdom, 1911

11. Walt Disney, Mickey Mouse, and Disney’s cat, 1931

10. Adolf Hitler meeting the King of Thailand, 1934

9. A French woman pouring a hot cup of tea for a British soldier fighting in Normandy, 1944

8. Mark Twain in the lab of Nikola Tesla, Spring of 1894

7. A group of women at George Washington University, Washington, D.C., circa 1924

6. A New Zealand soldier resting and smoking a pipe in the deserts of North Africa, Egypt, 1942

5. Stonehenge, 1897

4. Rebuial of the victims of the Bosnian war, July 8, 2005

3. A lama in a taxi, New York, 1957

2. Rue de Rivoli, Paris, 1942

1. The first female candidates to be NASA astronauts, 1978

Do you have any rare pictures you’d like to share with us? Which of these pictures did you like the best?

Preview photo credit namraka