A 5-Minute Workout That Can Make Your Neck Pain Go Away

Everyone wants to find happiness and the bitter truth is that no one knows how to do it exactly. But thanks to scientists, there is an answer to this ever elusive question. It appears that having small talk with people you don’t know on public transportation or in any other public place is a real and easy way to become a little bit happier. If you are the one who always avoids this seemingly weird type of communication, it may be useful to look deeper at what specialists have to say here.

Bright Side took a closer look at the study to try to understand this surprising connection. And we believe that you may even want to discuss this article with a stranger after reading it.nd the world. Millions of people hurry to work, school, or any other place boarding buses, subway cars, and trains. But even being the most social creatures on the planet doesn’t stop us from preferring solitude and ignoring each other. Even when we’re sitting only inches apart.

The same story happens every day arou

It seems like a paradox, and there is no paradox that scientists have left unnoticed. Researchers Nicholas Epley and Juliana Schroeder conducted a series of experiments to explore this issue.