11 simple ways to understand modern art you’ll wish you had always known

There’s something fascinating about modern art. Although we often struggle to understand what it’s all about, many of us can’t help but feel the urge to at least comprehend the basic ideas which underly the unusual and sometimes striking compositions we see.

We at Bright Side have put together this unique introduction to modern art for you, using some of the most interesting examples by famous artists and sculptors. Once you recognise what the different kinds of modern art are, you can investigate further if you wish. We hope the real connoisseurs out there will forgive us if it’s not quite to their liking, but for the rest of us it will surely come in handy next time you find yourself in a gallery.

1. If you see lots of different coloured squiggles overlapping with blotches of paint which the give the impression that the artist made lots of mistakes, this is quite likely to be Abstract Expressionism.

Jackson Pollock’s ’No. 5′. This is in fact the most expensive painting in the world — it was sold for $140 million.

11 simple ways to understand modern art you’ll wish you had always known

There has been a tendency for abstract paintings to be given a number or named after the first word that pops into the head of the artist.

Pollock working. You can see more of his work here.