15 Curious Facts About How Men’s Bodies Work

Scientists from different countries of the world continue to research the difference between men and women, and they actively decode new and important secrets of men’s bodies and minds.

We at Bright Side put together a list of curious facts about men. Perhaps some of them will be a revelation to you.

  • When men listen, they use only half their brain; the other half can think about something else. It’s different with women. When they listen, they listen with their entire brain. That is why, when speaking to a man, it’s important to be brief and precise.
  • The senses of hearing, smell, and taste in an average man are less developed than in a woman. This is the product of evolution: men were originally hunters and had to notice movements, while women were gatherers and so developed those senses more.
  • Women can see more details in darkness but only those that are near to them. Men’s vision in the dark is slightly worse, but they can see details at any distance.
  • There are 3 times more left-handers among men than among women. The scientific explanation for this phenomenon has still not been found. Researchers at the Australian National University found that left-handed people can process larger volumes of information than right-handed people.
  • Men can cope with physical activity much better. An average man will carry about 8-10 pintof blood. Women with an average body build will have about 6-7 pints of blood. Moreover, men’s blood is richer with hemoglobin and red blood cells, making oxygen circulation more efficient.