17 Compelling Facts That Are Very Hard to Believe

Among the huge number of pseudofacts, there still are some that are both true and very hard to believe. We at Bright Side decided to take things seriously and check some of them thoroughly. We bet you’ve never heard about these 17 facts!

  • There is not a single bridge across the Amazon River (it is more than 4,300 miles long). The only bridge is the Rio Negro bridge, which opened in 2010. It connects the banks of the Rio Negro River, which is the tributary of the Amazon.
  • Both the skin and fur of a tiger are striped. Moreover, you will not find 2 tigers in the world with identical stripes.
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  • In 2012, a missing woman was unexpectedly found during a vacation in Iceland when it turned out that she was on the search team searching for herself. According to the woman, she didn’t recognize herself in the description and decided to help with the search.
  • If you’ve ever looked at the map during long flights, you must have noticed that planes don’t fly in straight lines. Instead, it looks like the path is curved. First of all, a straight line on a 2D map doesn’t match a line on a 3D globe. Secondly, the shape of Earth is an ellipse, flattened near the poles. So the shortest distance between the poles is not the arc of a circle. For example, if you fly from India to the US, you will fly over Russia, England, Greenland, and, yes, this really is the shortest way.
  • Alaska is the most northern, the most western, and the most eastern US state. The Aleutian Islands, which are also part of Alaska, cross the 180th meridian, which is why they are the most eastern.
  • How can you see Africa from Great Britain? Very easily, if you go to Gibraltar, a foreign territory of Great Britain located on the Iberian peninsula. Of course, you can easily see Africa from the shores of Spain, which is also located nearby.