11 Facts About Our Bodies That Turned Out to Be Myths

Myth #7: The left hemisphere of the brain is the source of creativity; the right hemisphere is the source of logic

It’s true that the left hemisphere of the brain is responsible for certain functions and the right for others. But scientists have yet to find people who have one side

11 Facts About Our Bodies That Turned Out to Be Myths

that’s more developed than the other. The point is that several parts of the brain function as the collective source of our creativity, and they’re located in both the right and left hemispheres.

Myth #8: You need to get eight hours of sleep a night

Everyone knows that we should sleep for eight hours a night. Yet different people need different amounts of sleep, and both an excess and a lack of sleep can have negative

11 Facts About Our Bodies That Turned Out to Be Myths

effects on our health. For some people, it’s enough to sleep for six hours in order to feel great, whilst others feel exhausted even after they’ve been in bed for nine hours.