20 Amazing Facts That’ll Make You Say, “What the…?!”

Our world is full of mysteries and secrets. Even if your everyday life appears stable and predictable, devoid of anything to feel surprised about, believe us — this isn’t so!

Today Bright Side offers you a selection of 20 facts that seem absolutely incredible, yet they are 100% true.

  • Sure, rings are beautiful. But they’re not as safe as you’d expect. That ring around your finger might be providing shelter for around 730 million germs.
  • In addition to the famous Endangered Species List, there is also the so-called “Black Book.” It contains the names of the plants and animals20 Amazing Facts That’ll Make You Say, "What the...?!"

    that have disappeared from the face of the earth due to human activity.

  • The first chainsaw — the ancestor of the gas-powered saw — was invented by a German physician. He used it to cut bones.