10 Embarrassing Personal Care Examples of the Past

Bright Side decided to look into a very personal, but curious, subject: personal care from the past. Let’s have a look at the personal hygiene and different beauty procedures of the past. How do you think we would survive in the Middle Ages?

10. Bathrooms

  • In ancient times, bathrooms were nothing more than ditches and holes in the outskirts of the settlement.
  • Early civilizations brought the first bathrooms in the form of stone holes filled with sand. In ancient Rome, the first public toilets with a water sewer system were built. People even had meetings and long conversations there.

    10 Embarrassing Personal Care Examples of the Past

  • In the Middle Ages, the personal care culture degraded significantly. People just used copper pots and poured their contents onto the street. The aristocracy, however, used porcelain pots called Bourdalou. It is worth mentioning that sometimes bourdalous are sold as sauceboats in some antique shops. Beware!

  • Luckily, during the Renaissance era, the Europeans developed the sewer system. And the first water closet was invented in 1590.