14 Psychological Facts That Can Make Your Life Easier

More than a million scientific articles are published every year, with research in psychology greatly contributing to this number. While research studies in psychology are not an easy read for everybody, the obtained results can be of use in everyday life and help you to increase your motivation, become a better communicator, improve your relationships with others, and lead a healthier life.

At Bright Sidewe have collected some surprising psychological findings that can help you better understand yourself and the world around you. Look through this list to find out the secrets to having rational thought, being productive, communicating effectively, and having a good mood.

1. Self-confidence is more important than appearance.

Multiple studies show that for men, being confident and supportive is more important than being handsome, as demonstrated by women’s judgments of men’s attractiveness.

14 Psychological Facts That Can Make Your Life Easier

In fact, couples that contain a female that is better looking than the male are more positive and supportive than the couples where the male is more handsome, or where the spouses have matching looks.