14 Famous Photographs That Fooled the World

and since then it’s been much harder to find out if a photo is real or fake. But many automatically think that all the photos taken before 1990 were real, and perhaps that’s the wrong thing to do.

Bright Side has found some historical photos that have fooled nearly everyone!

This interesting photo created by 2 cousins: Frances Griffiths and Elsie Wright, made the famous author of Sherlock Holmes, Arthur Conan Doyle, believe in fairies. It was taken in 1917. Doyle was also a spiritualist, and when his friends showed him this photo, he became so interested that he even called his friend, a specialist from Kodak, to figure out if the photo was real or not.

The truth was revealed only in 1983, the girls revealed the secret themselves. They said that they took copied photos of dancing girls from a popular children’s book, added wings to them, and using hatpins they secured these fairies to the foliage. They made a series of mystical, magical photos in which Sir Arthur Conan Doyle believed in until the end of his life and never knew the truth.

“Brave general”

14 Famous Photographs That Fooled the World

This photo of US General Ulysses S. Grant became historically important. The brave general is shown in front of his troops, sitting on a horse with a heroic look during the American Civil War.

But many years later researchers from the Library of Congress found out that this photo had been made from 3 different photos: a photo of Major General Alexander M. Cook (the horse and the body were taken from there), a different photo of General Grant (only his head was taken) and a background image of prisoners captured during a battle (the background was taken). Nobody knows how and for what purpose this “photoshopping” was done, but all the 3 photos are real and they have all been found.