The Animal You Spot First Says a Lot About Your Personality

Our subconscious mind is incredible and can tell a lot about our personality, more than we probably think. Experts say that our subconscious mind is like a storage unit, which holds all of your likes and dislikes, beliefs and fears, memories and skills, it’s built from everything you have seen and experienced, even if you don’t remember it. The interesting thing is that it directly connects to our conscious behavior, and in this instance, your eyes see the full picture but your brain picks first what’s relative to you personally.

We at Bright Side like different personality tests and quizzes. This one is just a fun test so don’t take it too seriously. Unless we got it spot on.

Which animal did you see first?

The Animal You Spot First Says a Lot About Your Personality

1. The zebra

If the first animal you saw is the zebra, the words funny, influential and charismatic are all about you. You are very active and spontaneous, you have the most contagious personality, and people always follow you. You are wonderful company for a good time.

The Animal You Spot First Says a Lot About Your Personality

Your communication skills are unbeatable and you could become a very good salesperson.

But you get bored if you have to do the same thing over and over again and you always need something new in your life. It can be new events or people, as long as every day brings something different.