11 TV Shows You Can Watch in a Day

If you’re tired of endless soap operas, Bright Side has found 11 amazing miniseries for you that you’ll be able to finish in one day or even less. So open your popcorn stash, get in the mood, and delve into fascinating stories that won’t leave you unimpressed.


A disgraced yet very dangerous attorney gets an opportunity to have revenge upon the company that threw him out.

11 TV Shows You Can Watch in a Day

This is a real-life drama about the imperfection of a justice system that shows how weak or strong a person living by its laws can be. Billy Bob Thornton is damn good — as always.

Top of the Lake

12-year-old Tui Mitcham is five months pregnant when she enters the icy lake waters and… disappears. Robin Griffin, returned to her hometown, takes the unusual case. It seems that true evil has come to this scenic little hamlet.

11 TV Shows You Can Watch in a Day

People hail here in search of paradise, but they find a veritable hell where you can’t earn honest money, where there’s so little happiness. Not only must Robin find the missing girl but also face her past. It’s a mesmerizing picture that drags you into its darkest depths and makes you think about it long after it’s ended.