15 amazing TV series you can watch in a week

From time to time, every one of us wants to come home from work and treat ourselves to a good TV series. However, it’s often the case that you have neither the strength nor the time for that.

For those of you who feel like this but still want to delve into the unknown with charismatic characters, solve mysteries with genius detectives, or take a look into the past, we at Bright Side have compiled a list of mini-series you can watch in just seven days.

The Night Of

8 episodes

A young New York taxi driver meets a woman, and they decide to spend a night together.

15 amazing TV series you can watch in a week

Upon waking up in the morning in his apartment, the young man finds the woman dead. The police, the lawyers, and even his family now think he is a murderer. Will anyone believe in his innocence and save him from being wrongly accused?