9 Psychological Tricks To Attract All People Around You

There are people who radiate such inexplicable magnetism that absolutely everyone reaches to them. They wish to be like them, to win their friendship or approval. And what’s most curious is that it doesn’t depend at all on these people’s appearance.

Bright Side found 9 rules we should follow to become this type of person.

Individual image

You need a unique image. Even more, a totally unique detail. After all, your own original image is the thing that makes even strangers remember you. And we’re not talking about beauty. It sounds weird, but uniqueness can be expressed even in ugliness and vulnerability. Any of your unique features, whether it’s a pace, gesture, facial expression, intonation, style of communication, or an item of clothing can make you memorable.

Here are some examples of famous people’s details with which they’re associated:

  • Charlie Chaplin — mustache, suit, cane
  • Tilda Swinton — asexuality, no makeup
  • Winston Churchill — fattiness, cigars
  • Joseph Stalin — mustache, pipe, accent
  • Adolf Hitler — original form of mustache, intonation9 Psychological Tricks To Attract All People Around You
  • Dita Von Teese — the image of the ’40s, red lipstick
  • Marilyn Monroe — hair color, mole
  • Salvador Dali — mustache, facial expressions

You need a big dream

To make people reach for you and appreciate you as a really unique personality, you must have a reason for existence. Ambitions, aims, a desire to change something in this world. Struggle for something. Because a person without a dream is a book without an idea. Why would you read it?

Be confident

To be charismatic, you need to be confident. Courageously make decisions, be able to rely only on yourself, don’t wait for help from the outside, and explain your ideas to others in a way they understand.

People around you can feel your confidence not only in behavior but also in speech. It’s better to avoid such phrases as “I guess, I hope, I suppose, I expect, maybe, probably.”