20 cinematic masterpieces for developing an impeccable taste in film

Cinematography is a unique art form for storytelling. There are movies that have the power to entertain, inform, move us emotionally, and change our perceptions of life. Bright Side decided to make a list of 20 movie masterpieces that will help you to gain a better understanding of world cinema heritage.

La Dolce Vita (The Sweet Life)

Federico Fellini

Marcello is a journalist who covers tabloid news about the life of Italian elite in the 1950s. Women pass him like shadows without affecting his feelings.

20 cinematic masterpieces for developing an impeccable taste in film

Even the presence of the American film star Sylvia, who is the embodiment of sexuality and vice, doesn’t knock him out of his stupor…

The Kid

Charlie Chaplin

It’s a story about a kid who was abandoned by his mother immediately after birth. A lovely and funny young man finds the abandoned child in the alley and raises him into boyhood.