Scientists Reveal 9 Ways Dating and Relationships May Look in the Future

Have you ever watched a sci-fi movie and wondered if any of the technologies from it could become a part of our everyday life? We believe that gadgets and advanced technologies will make our life easier, and they already do in some ways. Today we can have digital products that were just a dream 10 years ago. They help us stay in touch with school friends and send instant messages to our love partners.

We at Bright Side decided to find out how technologies can influence and change the future of our relationships with people, and so we created a list of 9 ways dating might look in the future.

1. Devices for augmented reality

Imagine yourself talking to a girl you like. Everything is fine, but all of a sudden she throws a provocation at you, a conversation “curveball!” Sounds familiar? Yeah, girls do this all the time to test men’s reactions. She’s waiting for an answer that will decide their future. We all want little hints that will help us make any conversation smooth.

Scientists Reveal 9 Ways Dating and Relationships May Look in the Future

Google, Apple, and other companies are currently working on developing devices that will bring augmented reality to our life. We will be able to use glasses, contact lenses, or even a brain-machine interface by the year 2040. Different devices will totally change the way we interact and build relationships.