11 items from your mother’s wardrobe that are making a comeback today

They say history tends to repeat itself, and that’s also very true about fashion. Apparently, fashion trends go round and come back again. Young fashionistas take advantage of this fact — they prefer not to shop for modern pieces of clothing in fancy boutiques but to look for cool items from the ’60s and ’70s in their mothers’ wardrobes. You should try this too because your mother was most certainly one of the best dressers in her class.

Bright Side encourages you to go through your mother’s stuff more carefully. Who knows? Maybe some items from the past will inspire you to create your very own super stylish look.

Off-the-shoulder maxi dress

11 items from your mother’s wardrobe that are making a comeback today

It seems like extra-long dresses and skirts never go out of style. Have you noticed that it’s been one of the most popular fashion trends for a couple of seasons? This season, designers advise wearing off-the-shoulder items. If we combine two of these trends, we will get those maxi dresses that our mothers used to wear in the ’70s.