10 Stars Everyone Thought Would Be Successful for Years. But Something Went Wrong

Thousands of people dream of becoming famous. However, those who actually become famous quickly realize that staying popular is every bit as hard as becoming popular. So, even if you become really successful, it doesn’t mean your career will prosper in the future. And unfortunately, the examples of some stars only prove this to be true.

We at Bright Side learn from other people’s mistakes. This time, we found celebrities that were able to become popular but were quickly forgotten and we identified the reasons why this happened.

1. Neve Campbell

Neve Campbell became famous after she played the main role in Scream, an iconic horror movie of the ’90s. This was the biggest role for the young actress for several years to come: Neve portrayed the main character in all 3 parts of the franchise. However, after the end of the shooting process of

10 Stars Everyone Thought Would Be Successful for Years. But Something Went Wrong

the last installment in 2000, her career was in a slump. She never got any big roles in any popular movies. Neve appeared on the big screen only in 2011 when she portrayed Sidney Prescot yet again: the franchise’s creators decided to release another part of Scream. Maybe the actress just got into this character a little too deeply.