Easy and affordable ways to make your home smell beyond beautiful

It is said that smell is the most powerful and evocative of our five senses, with the ability to trigger memories and conjure up powerful associations. Yet too often scent is an afterthought when creating the right ambience for our homes, and we end up resorting to a hastily-sprayed can of air freshener to cover up the smell of last night’s dinner.

Luckily for you, we at Bright Side have compiled a list of non-toxic, affordable and easy-to-make alternatives that will leave your home smelling fresh.

Essential oils are your friend

No list of natural air fresheners would be complete without a mini-essay on the wonders of
essential oils. From frankincense to fennel, peppermint to patchouli; their medicinal, therapeutic and mood-enhancing (check out Bright Side’s article here) properties have been used for thousands of years. Here are just some of the ways you can use essential oils to infuse the most wonderful scents throughout your home:

1. Fill an empty spray bottle with water, and add a few drops of your favorite essential oil/s (a rough rule of thumb is a 2-3% dilution ratio). Shake well before spritzing lightly. You can even experiment with different scent combinations and create your own bespoke fragrances for different rooms to achieve a variety of effects — calm, sleep-inducing lavender for the bedroom, and restorative mandarin for the living room.

Easy and affordable ways to make your home smell beyond beautiful

2. Ditch the artificial (and unattractive) bathroom air fresheners and make your own all-natural (and entirely invisible) infuser by dipping a cotton swab in your chosen essential oil and fastening it to the inner side of the toilet roll. Ingenious!

3. Some shop-bought scented candles contain potentially harmful ingredients, so adding a few drops of essential oil to these homemade olive oil candles will save you money and protect your health. All you need is a mason jar, wick, and paper clip — the full tutorial from Little House Living can be found here.