14 Surprising Rules of Royal Etiquette Even the Queen Can’t Break

No one stands above the law. As such, there are rules that apply even to the highest-ranked members of society. The royal family, for one, has its very own protocols they must always follow.

Bright Side compiled a list of regulations that even the Queen herself can’t get around.

1. They must keep a minimum of 6 ravens at the Tower of London.

“If the ravens leave the Tower, the kingdom will fall…” Legend has it that there should be at least six ravens residing at the fortress to keep the Tower and the kingdom from falling. To this day, they take very good care of the birds and see that they keep them well above the minimum number.

2. They cannot be touched by non-royals.

This one acts rather as a general guideline and is often broken. Commoners don’t get too close to royals anyway, but sometimes when celebrities meet them they stop to pose for the camera and contact can indeed happen.