10 Secrets Hotels Don’t Rush to Share With Their Guests

We love hotels: they are part of the adventure of our travels. Yet to ensure nothing blights our vacation, it would be useful to know several tricks.

Bright Side shares with you small secrets of hotels which can help you save some money and protect yourself from unforeseen situations.

Someone can get the same room as you for half the price.

Hotels are ready to rent the last vacant rooms cheaper. Yet they don’t want to show such prices publicly because there’s always a chance that someone will book a room at full cost at the last moment.

Therefore, the rooms are displayed on blind booking sites: the prices there are low, and the hotel’s name is shown only after payment. You see only the number of stars, the type of room, and the list of services. You can choose only the area where you want to stay, and the reservation cannot be canceled.

10 Secrets Hotels Don’t Rush to Share With Their Guests

Book your room after 6:00 p.m. It’s cheaper than in the morning.

You can bargain when booking a room.

Hotels pay reservation systems up to 30% in commission fees, so if you call directly to the hotel you can get a significant discount, especially if it’s not a chain but a small independent hotel.

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