7 Unusual Life-Changing Experiments We Learned From the Internet

There are many people brave enough to break stereotypes and think outside the box. Some created a little experiment with their own lives and even inspired others to change.

Bright Side gathered for you unusual life experiments that changed people’s thinking and attitude to life.

She wore the same outfit to work every day for 3 years.

  • Experiment: Matilda Kahl solved the problem of choosing clothes for work quite radically. She decided to go ahead and wear the exact same thing every day for 3 years. She got tired of wasting time every day deciding what to wear. Matilda invested in several white shirts and several pairs of the same black pants. That was her everyday “uniform” for work.7 Unusual Life-Changing Experiments We Learned From the Internet
  • Result: She kept all her fancy dresses for weekends and nights out. Matilda doesn’t waste time in the morning because she knows exactly what she’s going to wear. This experiment allowed her to save time and energy to meet with family and friends.

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