Seven prince charmings of the 21st century

We often speak about queens and princes as something outdated and odd for the modern world. However, the monarchy still exists in some countries, meaning that even modern girls can dream about marrying a prince. The Bright Side team proposes you get acquainted with some of them right now and find out how it feels to be the heir to the throne these days.

Prince of Wales

Seven prince charmings of the 21st century

Prince Harry is perhaps one of the most famous heirs to the throne in the modern world. This red-haired bachelor makes millions of women around the world sigh and lick their lips. Prince Harry, who is a British Army Air Corps Captain, made a documentary about the plight of orphans in Africa and broke the world

Seven prince charmings of the 21st century

record for the largest foreign currency trade (all the money was donated to charity, of course). But even the rich and famous sometimes cry and make mistakes; he left school with a D in geography, was involved in several alcohol scandals and experienced unhappy love affairs. Chelsea Davy refused Harry’s proposal saying “this life is not for me.” Well, princes are also people like everyone else.