20 Startling Facts About the FBI Most of Us Didn’t Know Were True

the Federal Bureau of Investigation has stood the test of time, dealing with all kinds of criminals. It has long been featured in popular culture, which is where most people see an edited version of what really goes on. From owning their own Bitcoin wallet to investigating Borat to experimenting with extrasensory perception, the FBI has truths that are actually far more broad, diverse, and intriguing than we could’ve imagined.

Bright Side has gathered some interesting facts and stories about the FBI that you might find surprising.

1. “Please don’t lock this door tonight” — Sincerely, burglars

In 1971, a group of anti-war activists broke into the FBI Delaware office by simply leaving a note on the door stating: “Please don’t lock this door tonight.

20 Startling Facts About the FBI Most of Us Didn’t Know Were True

The burglary was unsolved for 40 years until the activists came forward in 2014. The files, which have now been documented in the book “The Burglary: The Discovery of J Edgar Hoover’s Secret FBI,” revealed many trade secrets and unfortunately for American citizens, evidence of widespread surveillance.