10 Time Saving Beauty Tips to Freshen Up Your Look and Help You Become Well-Groomed and Stylish

2. A quick way to fix-up your nails

You’ve been peacefully taking care of your garden when your boss calls you for an urgent meeting. Your hands and nails don’t look good. Dirt won’t come off that easy, and your skin looks dry.

Hot water and a soft toothbrush to the rescue. Soak your hands in a bowl with hot water for 5-10 minutes. After that use the toothbrush and clean your fingers right in the water. You can also add some soap. Your hands will look much better: the toothbrush cleans off both dirt and dead skin cells.

Use the same method to clean your nails from the clothing dye. Don’t forget to throw away the toothbrush.

3. A second life for your shoes

Did your favorite pair of shoes turn into a mess after a careless walk and you’re unable to buy a new pair? The harmful effects of water and dirt can be fixed with a simple hand cream. Apply a little bit of cream to your dry shoes and they’ll look much better in just a couple of hours.

4. A flat belly in 10 minutes

Have you been eating junk food for the whole weekend and tonight you have a date? And, your favorite pair of jeans is trying to get revenge for your overeating and won’t zip up. Don’t worry: squats will help you. This exercise has an instant positive effect. However, its benefits are more obvious if you do it on a regular basis.

Feet shoulder width apart. Heels resting on the floor. Sit down as low as you can holding your back straight and looking straight in front of you. After this, 20 sit-ups will make your belly look thinner and your jeans will easily zip up.

5. An instant hairdo illusion

If you have oily roots, your hair ends might often look dry, disordered, and split. To fix messy hair ends, you should use a hairbrush and a couple of drops of oil (essential, cosmetic, or olive oil).

10 Time Saving Beauty Tips to Freshen Up Your Look and Help You Become Well-Groomed and Stylish

Apply several drops of oil to your brush and comb your hair ends (1.5 inches from ends). The oil will smooth out split ends and make them look slick and shiny. Make sure you don’t touch your hair after the procedure, the oil on ends shouldn’t touch your oily roots.