10 Time Saving Beauty Tips to Freshen Up Your Look and Help You Become Well-Groomed and Stylish

8. Not just for teeth

Have you ever received an impromptu invitation to go to the beach? Except your body got used to lazing about on the couch and your skin tone looks more milky than golden brown. Well, to make yourself look better you’ll need about 30 minutes and a pack of ground coffee.

Brew coffee in boiling water and add a couple of spoons of olive oil to make the mix look like a thick scrub. Apply this scrub to clean skin after taking a hot bath or a shower. Rinse with warm water.

Certain unpleasant smells stay with you for a really long time, for example, fish, tobacco, or onions. Regular soap is pretty useless in these cases. Try to wash your hands using toothpaste. A fresh scent is guaranteed. Coffee will make your skin appear more tan and also remove extra moisture from your skin, making your silhouette look fit.