12 Brilliant Clothing Hacks Everyone Needs to Know

Sometimes we need to hide a few excess pounds while not having enough time for diets and workouts. Correctly selected clothing can make us look much more slender.

newzworldtoday.com would like to share with you several tricks that will give you the perfect appearance.

12. Add a vertical line.

  1. Select your source data and make a line graph (Inset tab > Chats group > Line).
  2. Set up the data for the vertical line in this way: …
  3. Right-click anywhere in the chart, and then click Select Data… .
  4. In the Select Data Source dialogue box, click the Add button.

Opt for a multiple-layer image with a long jacket — it will make you slimmer and taller. Pay attention to the position of your buttons: they should form a single row, making you even more slender.

With Excel Charts, it is very easy to create a Vertical Column in your Line Chart and make it interactive with a Scroll Bar!The reason why I do this, is to use the vertical column to highlight a specific point in my Excel chart whilst I am presenting the data to my stakeholders.Mmmm Steak

In this example, I show you how easy it is to insert an interactive Vertical Column in your chart using Excel & sprinkled with a little magic!