12 Brilliant Clothing Hacks Everyone Needs to Know

9. Opt for A-line dresses.

Finding the perfect dress shape to complement and beautifully flatter your body type may seem like a tall order, but believe it or not, there is one silhouette that looks good on practically everyone. Bonus: It’s totally effortless to wear and perfect for any and every occasion. Yes, really!

Meet the A-line dress, also known as the fit and flare. Just like its name suggests, this particular type of dress features a fitted bodice, a tapered waistline, which serves to accentuate the smallest part of the female figure, and a skirt that gradually flares out from the hips all the way to the bottom seam.

The A-line is a truly fantastic, as it offers ease of wear and will score you major fashion points thanks to the timeless and effortlessly chic look it helps create.

A trapezoid shape without slim-fit parts, like in the ’60s, or the straight dresses of the ’20s are just what you need to create a picture-perfect image.

The term ‘A-line’ was first coined by iconic haute couture designer Christian Dior, although, at the time, it didn’t accompany the exact same dress shape that’s associated with the name today. As a post on the Met Museum’s Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History page explains, Dior’s A-line dresses actually featured an “waist and smooth silhouette that widened over the hips and legs”. They made their debut in Dior’s Spring 1955 collection, which was simply titled “A-line”, and they became an instant hit.