12 Brilliant Clothing Hacks Everyone Needs to Know

7. Avoid light fabrics.

Finally (finally!!!) it’s summer. Goodbye, wool and polyester. Hello, um, what?

When the weather starts heating up and wool, wool blends and tightly woven jersey become unbearable to think about, much less wear, you need new fabric options.

Light fabrics accentuate curves and lines. Better opt for thicker materials that will hold your figure like a corset. It’s better still to avoid piled or nubby fabric that will only add more volume.

If you’re considering a material, hold it in your hands and judge its heft and feel: If it’s light and airy, swipe right.Breathability matters even more. Natural fibers are best (we’ll get to that in a sec). Loose weaves and fine threads also work well.Color matters too; lighter hues reflect heat better than darker ones.When it’s time to pick a pattern, remember that loose shapes keep air circulating around your body better than tight clothes do. Think  floaty, flirty dresses loose trousers , A-line silhouettes …