12 Signs That Your Partner Is Madly In Love With You

7. They bear with you through the dullest moments.

This is between the two sexes. Both of us have their “things” that the other sex tries but fails to understand or accept.

For guys, that would be shopping. Not many men out there are eager to accompany their ladies on a shopping spree that can go on for hours. But if your man is up for spending time and money on clothes and accessories more often than not, he’s really into you. More so if he takes an active part in the choosing and fitting process, giving his advice and opinion (carefully thought-through, of course).

For girls it can be any sporting event, either live or broadcasted on TV that their second half is into. Life in the house can be put on hold for the period of championships or important games, but you can choose to get involved. Ask him to explain what the game is about and why he enjoys it so much. Sincere interest and a wish to be a part of his entertainment is bound to be appreciated.