12 Signs That Your Partner Is Madly In Love With You

9. They are proud of being with you.

It’s OK to keep your relationship private at the beginning when you two are walking unstable ground or rather want to secretly enjoy the romance. But when it’s been a considerable amount of time since you started dating, and one of you is still being shy about your coupledom — that’s not cool.

12 Signs That Your Partner Is Madly In Love With You

Seeing that your partner is proud of being with you is, on the contrary, so uplifting. They’re ready to introduce you to friends, family, and colleagues, they talk about you a lot, they value your small steps toward the set goal, and celebrate your big victories. They change their social networks relationship status, are more than happy to post photos with you, and never stop holding your hand when meeting someone out. You’re together now, what’s not to be joyful about!

Life isn’t just sunshine and rainbows, in fact, it’s full of pretty ugly moments too. Illness can happen to any of us and it’s usually unexpected. Setting aside the negative consequences of being illit’s a good chance to find out who you are with.