12 Signs That Your Partner Is Madly In Love With You

11. They listen to your advice.

If your partner can be easily scared off by your not so beautiful looks, high temperature, weakness, newly discovered neediness, and a couple of whims — well, that’s a pity. If they eagerly run around buying oranges (“A good source of vitamin C!”), changing thermometers (“It’s going down, hurray!”) and binge watching your favorite series with you (“Oh, not again…Ah,OK, let’s do it”) — you found the right person.

This one is really tough. On the one hand, women are looking for a strong man who can make decisions and men want a woman who can do better than being needy and indecisive all the time. On the other hand, we all want a partner who is ready to listen to us and won’t be ashamed of asking for advice. Two heads are better than one.

So if you found a special someone who values your opinions and wants to hear what you have to say, cling to them and don’t let go. Because they love you.

It’s scientifically proven that not only touching but also nibbling is an actual bonding experience. It might be the case, of course, that someone you are in love with is a reserved person and they don’t favor “all that cuddling” very much. But if your partner always strives for kisses, touches, snuggling, caressing, and even biting, it’s definitely a sign of a warm-hearted and deep relationship.

The desire to nibble on someone you love is explained by a certain connection in our brain between perceiving something is cute and looking for food.

Share your personal stories with us about when and how you first felt that your partner loves you and what gave them up!

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