4 Beauty Hacks That Will Make You Look Like a Star

While the best minds in science and medicine are all working hard on inventing new methods of prolonging our lives, we have seemingly found a way of stopping time.

newzworldtoday.com reveals to you the precious secret: all you need to wake up young every day are these ingredients.

Rejuvenate facial skin

You will need:

  • Ground coffee. The kind used to brew in a cezve will do because its fine grind won’t damage your skin.
  • Milk. It’s best to use low-fat milk because coffee contains enough oils already.
  • A bowl for mixing.
  • A spoon or a paddle for applying and removing the mask. Using a brush is not recommended as coffee particles may stick to the hairs.4 Beauty Hacks That Will Make You Look Like a Star

How to make it:

  1. Pour the coffee into the bowl, and add the milk. You should get a thick paste, so be careful with the milk.
  2. Apply the mask to your face avoiding the area around the eyes.
  3. Wait 15-20 minutes for the substances to affect the skin.
  4. Wash off the mask with warm water.

Thanks to the regenerative properties of coffee beans, your facial skin is rejuvenated, blood flow is improved, and your complexion becomes healthier.