6 Hidden Reasons Why You Can’t Get Pregnant

2. You use the wrong lubricant.

Make sure you are using the proper type and amount of lubricant for your specific bearing and application. Lubrication of all bearings is important to maintain proper life (when the bearings can be re-lubricated).

There are many different lubricates used in bearings to provide longevity and proper function of bearings. The variety also makes the selection process very difficult. That’s why we have engineers that can help you narrow your options, and provide you with the correct grease for your application.

Beyond the correct lubricant for your application, you will also need to consider the amount of lubrication the application will require.

To improve the chances of a pregnancy, carefully choose the correct type of lubricant for you. The good news: there are lubricants which may be beneficial for male fertility. Some have the appropriate pH level (7.2-8.0). Others contain magnesium ions and calcium that imitate the body’s own natural fluids. It’s also been proven that baby oil can work.

A diffused layer of carbon rich iron nitride is applied to the bearings-Product will not chip or spall.-Ideal for product that needs to be corrosion resistant. Not FDA rated.-Ex: Extreme moisture environmentPlease contact us for more information about the variety of lubrication options available from Ritbearing. Our engineers will specify the proper lubrication fill for the specific application, but in general most fill rates are at 25-35% of the available space within the bearing.