7 Tips From a Lazy Psychologist Mom That Parents Around the World Are Thankful For

Prevent your child’s temper tantrums

  • Show the child a new bright object or promise to do something else even more exciting. I always carry a bottle of bubbles with me, a balloon that I can blow up in the case of an emergency, or small and cheap toys.
  • Scissors are a dangerous toy for a kid and if they really want to touch them, it’s fine to let them do it — but only if mom controls the process. Having too many taboos irritates the child and limits their development.
  • Try the approach, “Of course, we’ll do it but we’ll have to wait until later.” or “Yes, but…” It works like this: “Of course, we’ll play, but let’s get some sleep first.”

    7 Tips From a Lazy Psychologist Mom That Parents Around the World Are Thankful For

    • Hide all the things they can’t touch from the child.
  • If you need to stop a game to feed your child, suggest feeding a toy first. For example, if you want to make your young “builder” stop building and have lunch, don’t say “Leave your building set and let’s go eat.” Just announce that the construction team is having a lunch break.
  • Suggest an alternative and the child will behave the way you want. For example, you could ask: “Will you pick up your toy soldiers or cars first?” Unfortunately, this technique doesn’t work for long. After a certain age, the child can and probably will refuse to perform both actions.