7 Tips From a Lazy Psychologist Mom That Parents Around the World Are Thankful For

Feed a picky eater

Food is a basic human need. Imagine that you’ve “forgotten” to feed a newborn. They’ll let you know about how hungry they are with a loud scream and won’t calm down until you feed them. The child knows best when and how much they should eat.

  • When you offer the child varied and colorful food, remember the psychology behind it: the most important thing is to not try to persuade them. Let your child become really hungry. The appetite is always better when it’s associated with positive emotions.

7 Tips From a Lazy Psychologist Mom That Parents Around the World Are Thankful For

  • If you let the child take part in the cooking process, give them an opportunity to try different ingredients and pick products at the supermarket, you’ll never face problems with poor eating again.
  • And when you want to give your child more food than they actually need, just take some time and think: “Why do I do that? Is it about the stereotypes from the past? Do I believe that we should never have anything left on the plate? Or am I afraid that the child will still be hungry?” The child isn’t an enemy to themselves and they have a strong connection with their bodies. They’ll eat when they’re hungry. Feeding the child by force isn’t the best way to express parental love.