8 Photos Taken a Second Before Someone’s Personal Tragedy

In the modern world where almost everyone has a camera, it’s hard to believe that something can be kept a secret. Well, now we can have a smile when we look at some of the funny things that are about to happen in these pictures.

newzworldtoday.com invites you to look at the crazy situations people find themselves in. We hope that all of them are doing all right now!

8. Me facing my fate.

On the news I see that another famous figure in Europe has just died, Viktor Frankl of Austria. He was 93, his life completed, and it’s natural enough that the news of his passing would be crowded out by the death of Princess Diana. Beauty will always draw a bigger crowd than wisdom, and in the long roll of faraway fawners who succumbed to the Diana lure, you can put me right near the top. When the caisson begins its journey Saturday at 4 a.m. EDT, I’ll be watching.

25 Photos Taken a Second Before Someone’s Personal Tragedy

But perhaps we can interrupt our worship for just a moment to remember one of the truly great people of the century. There’s even something fitting in the timing of Frankl’s death: Since the publication of his most famous book “Man’s Search for Meaning: Experiences in the Concentration Camps” in 1946 (a year before Anne Frank’s diary, and three years before Orwell’s “1984”), Frankl was perhaps the most acute analyst of secular culture, that modern way of swearing devotion to faraway people, causes and ideals while letting one’s own life unravel. Probably he’d have diagnosed the events of this week as further evidence of an “existential void.”