8 Photos Taken a Second Before Someone’s Personal Tragedy

3. This guy looks super calm. Does he even know that one wheel is gone?

A Single Shard is set in a small village by the sea in Korea about eight hundred years ago. The main character is a twelve-year-old orphan called Tree-ear. The other main characters are Crane-man, who looks after Tree-ear, and Min, a master potter.

Tree-ear dreams of becoming a master potter like Min one day, but before he can achieve his dream, he experiences many difficulties, and learns much about life and being a good person.

ook at these shards (or pieces) of a Korean pot made with the famous green celadon glaze.

Watch this beautiful, peaceful video to see Korean potters at work, and understand Tree-ear’s dream a little better. Or this longer video which includes firing the kiln to finish the celadon pots.

See the author’s official website for many pictures and lots of information about the book.