Amanda Grace: The Coming COLLAPSE of the Media

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Amanda Grace recently gave a prophetic word that sounds a lot like many others I have heard recently….

In short, she says there is a coming a great COLLAPSE of the Media.

One or more big names (CNN, MSDNC perhaps?  Maybe even Fox News?) will suddenly collapse.

It will be a spectacle and it will be so big that no one even thought it could happen.

But it will, and she says it’s coming soon.

Yes, there is a price to pay for lying and cheating and not reporting the news honestly.

And the check is coming due.

I can’t wait.

Our country will not survive much longer without an HONEST press.

And after the collapse of the lying, cheating “Mainstream” Media, where will people turn?

New outlets will rise up….


Watch here:

And here is one more if you enjoyed that.

Watch here:

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