Arizona Audit Reveals Pre-Meditated Fraud on Ballot Envelopes

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While the mainstream media pushes out misinformation about the Arizona audit results, the evidence of fraud revealed is undeniable.

The first presenter at the Arizona Senate Audit was Dr. Shiva, who had the task of reviewing the mail-in ballot envelopes out of Maricopa County.

He worked with his team at Echomail and presented the results of their research yesterday.

Their results included over 17,000 duplicate ballots and discrepancies with ballot signature cards.

Dr. Shiva also pointed out pre-meditated fraud on the ballot envelopes.

Some were counted more than once and had a stamp that looked to be pre-printed on the front.

The stamp said “VERIFIED AND APPROVED” and is only used after the signature is checked.

HOWEVER, several ballots received the “approved” stamp WITHOUT a signature!

AND it appears that the ballots may have been “photoshopped” as graphics can be seen over the stamp.

Here is more from The Western Journal:

There were many shocking revelations forwarded on Friday during the Arizona Senate Republicans’ hearing on the Maricopa County 2020 election audit results.

Among the findings were that a number of the ballots appear to be digitally altered or “photoshopped,” although investigators have yet to officially confirm this.

The allegedly digitally altered ballots were highlighted by Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai, an expert in pattern recognition enlisted in the audit investigation by the Arizona Senate.

Ayyadurai revealed that, during the audit, election officials discovered a number of ballots were given “verified and approved” stamps despite signatures not being present on the ballots.

Curiously, in some instances, these “verified and approved” stamps were found behind graphics that were initially printed on the ballots, according to a presentation displayed by Ayyadurai.

This has led the auditors to believe that the ballots were “photoshopped.”

Also, Ayyadurai revealed that only 10 percent of the total ballots — roughly 1.8 million — even received a “verified and approved” stamp.

Most of those votes that did get the aforementioned stamp were actually received after election day, the auditors reported.

Even though votes were void of a signature, they were still counted and “approved”.

And if that wasn’t enough for the fraudsters, they made a “verified and approved” stamp magically appear behind graphics pre-printed on a ballot.

Were Maricopa County officials responsible for this evidence of pre-meditated fraud?

If not, then who?

All eyes are on Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich now, who has vowed to “take all necessary actions” against those who are responsible for this fraud.

The storm is here, and justice is coming to those who think they can control our election system.

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