Arkansas Sheriff Stands Up To Tyranny Will NOT Mandate Covid-19 Vaccine For Officers

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A sheriff in Arkansas has chosen to stand up against the Biden regime and will not mandate the  Covid-19 vaccines for his staff.

Arkansas Sheriff Chris Brown has  stated that all officers under his command will have the freedom to choose whether or not they are vaccinated.

Sheriff Brown who is the head of Cleburne County Sheriff’s Office issued a statement declaring his first duty as an officer is to defend the Constitution of the United States and followed up that statement by saying that no vaccine mandate will be issued under his command.

He then went on to blast the White House’s decision to mandate the vaccine and said America’s leaders are turning into tyrants.


CSN covered the story:

Arkansas Sheriff Chris Brown, head of the Cleburne County Sheriff’s Office, issued a statement on Sept. 10 declaring that his office “will not mandate the COVID vaccine” for its employees. He also stressed that he was “appalled” by some of the “absolute dictator-like things we are seeing from the Federal Government.”

“I am appalled at some of the absolute dictator-like things we are seeing from the Federal Government, and several of the State Governments,” wrote Sheriff Brown. “It is absolute tyranny, and completely abhorrent.”

“It flies in the face of everything our country has always stood for, and is only furthering the damage and division done to the people of this wonderful nation,” he said.

Sheriff Brown has previously been invited to the White House during a ceremony for border security:

According Local Memphis another sheriff in Arkansas won’t force officers to be vaccinated too:

Thursday, President Joe Biden announced new federal vaccine requirements that mandate that all employers with more than 100 workers require them to be vaccinated or test for the virus weekly.

Two sheriffs in Arkansas do not agree with this all-out effort to curb the surging COVID-19 delta variant, and they posted letters on Facebook that said they will not mandate COVID-19 vaccines for their employees. Letters signed by Cleburne County Sheriff Chris Brown and Faulkner County Sheriff Tim Ryals each were posted to their department’s respective Facebook accounts.

Hopefully more sheriffs around the country will follow these two sheriff’s lead.

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