AZ Audit Results: EMS Server Connected to Internet, Remote Access Granted!

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The mainstream media has fed the lie that the Election Management System (EMS) was not connected to the internet or remotely accessed for the 2020 election.

We knew that the machines were capable of internet access, but was the internet used?

Were the machines remotely accessed to influence the 2020 election outcome?

The Arizona audit results confirmed many of our suspicions that the EMS was connected to the internet.

It gets BETTER!

The Arizona audit results also found ports that allowed for remote access.

Services that allowed for remote access were indeed enabled.

Furthermore, the EMS had unexpected port listening activity by standard Windows processes, which is NOT normal!

The audit just PROVED the EMS was connected to the internet, exposing the 2020 election to worldwide hackers.

The audit results show- without a shadow of a doubt- that our EMS was connected to the internet, remotely accessed, and had security compliance out of date.

It makes sense why the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors refuses to hand over the routers!

According to Wendy Rogers,

The audit has been referred to the Arizona Attorney General for further action.

With the massive amount of voting irregularities uncovered today during the Senate hearing, all Americans should be concerned with election integrity, not just Conservatives.

Maricopa County is only a sliver of America, which should justify an audit of ALL 50 states!

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