Before You Vaccinate Your Child, Watch This!

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Dr. Robert Malone is the founder and inventor of the mRNA vaccine.

Quite a resume, right?

Well, sometimes you don’t realize what you’ve created until it’s too late, and that’s the case with Dr. Malone.

When he started to realize what he had done, he started issuing warnings to people to stay far away from this poison jab.

Just this week, he was banned on Twitter for his posts!

Crazy, right?

You would think the guy who invented it should have FREE SPEECH rights to talk about it.

Not in Twitter’s USSA.

And now he’s shouting a warning even louder to parents: he says do not, under any condition, jab your children!


Take a look:

Here is a short 2 minute clip:

And here is a longer (5 minute) version saved to Rumble:

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