Biden Tells Truly Bizarre Story About a Little Girl and a Teddy Bear

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Can this guy get any weirder?

Any creepier?

Stop asking the question because he seems to be taking it as a personal challenge.

The latest example is this truly bizarre….

And why do his stories always involve little children?

At least this is better than the he told of children rubbing his hairy legs, remember that one?


It’s better, but not by much:

“I gotta tell you a quick story,” Biden said with a smug look on his face. “When I was running for office, I’m embarrassed I can’t remember exactly which state I was in, but a gentleman and I think it was his wife and a little girl who said ‘could I talk to you?’ – And she had this… it looked like a teddy bear and she said ‘could I talk to you?’ – She wasn’t sure what to call me since I wasn’t elected yet.”

Biden continued, “She said ‘I want to give you something. I want to give you some bears ears…she said ‘you gotta promise me, you gotta promise me you’ll protect the bears ears.”

Joe Biden said he was confused by the little girl’s request so her dad chimed in and said “you know, a national park.’ [Bears Ears National Monument in Utah]

I love what The Gateway Pundit said in summary to this video:

We’re just going to file this in “things that never happened.”

Only Biden could make up a story that probably never happened and make it seem both unbelievable and odd all at once.

Well, just watch for yourself:

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