Biden Unknowingly Poses With Children Wearing Pro-Trump Gear

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A picture that has been recently floating around on Twitter shows Joe Biden posing with children as he usually does but there was a catch.

Some of the children in the photo were wearing “Trump” and “MAGA” hats and one young boy was wearing a t-shirt with Trump’s face on it.

Biden didn’t even notice the children wearing the Trump gear and ended up being trolled by children!

Just take a look at the photo:


The picture took place in Shanksville, Pennsylvania close to the flight 93 memorial.

One user on Twitter even noticed that Biden’s hands was on the young girl’s side which it appeared to make the girl feel uncomfortable.

Through out the day during Biden’s trips to different 9/11 memorial sites he wasn’t met with open arms he was either trolled or yelled out everywhere he went.

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