Birth of Biden Death Panels: Monoclonal Antibody Treatments to Be RATIONED to Red States

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Biden’s COVID death panels are here.

Think we’re exaggerating?

It has been confirmed that the Biden regime will be RATIONING monoclonal antibody treatment to southern states.

In other words, red states won’t be able to get the monoclonal antibody treatments they deserve.

Why is this such a controversy?


Red states have been using monoclonal antibody treatments with much success.

In fact, things have been so successful that last week, Biden announced that he would INCREASE shipments of monoclonal antibody treatments.


Surprise, surprise — just a week later, Biden has flip-flopped.

Allocations to southern states have been cut by 50%.

Rationing is here.

Make no mistake, this appears to be a death panel in disguise.

More details below:



This is a lifesaving therapeutic.

Southern states and red states have been using it long before Biden even mentioned it.

But ever since Biden’s speech last week, he appears to be purposefully withholding rations from southern states.

And they called *Trump* the dictator?!

According to Breitbart:

The Biden administration this week slashed the doses of lifesaving coronavirus antibody treatment to Florida, giving the state less than half of what is needed for a routine week, prioritizing “equitable distribution” — a move some suspect is a form of revenge against Republican governors whom the president vowed to get “out of the way.”

The Biden administration this week began to cut the distribution of monoclonal antibodies to red states, such as Florida and Alabama, contending those states, including Texas, Mississippi, Tennessee, Georgia, and Louisiana, are comprising too big a share of the supply in recent weeks — 70 percent.

“HHS will determine the amount of product each state and territory receives on a weekly basis,” a spokesman for the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) said.

“State and territorial health departments will subsequently identify sites that will receive product and how much,” the official continued, claiming the system will “help maintain equitable distribution, both geographically and temporally, across the country, providing states and territories with consistent, fairly distributed supply over the coming weeks.”

Already, this has had a negative impact on states such as Florida, where Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) has been announcing more and more antibody treatment centers across the Sunshine State and battling the establishment media’s criticisms and misinformation along the way. Even Dr. Anthony Fauci has recognized the treatments as “effective intervention” for the Chinese coronavirus.

As a result of the Biden administration’s moves, the feds delivered less than half the needed doses to the Sunshine State this week. According to CBS12, they sent 30,950 doses “according to numbers from the governor’s office and confirmed by the Department of Health.” But normally, the state needs about 72,000 doses a week to meet the needs.

Christina Pushaw, press secretary for DeSantis, blasted the Biden administration’s move and suggested that “every corporate media outlet that publishes sensational stories about ‘overflowing hospitals’ in the South” should first “demand answers from the Biden Administration about why they’re restricting the supply of life saving COVID treatment to the South.”

“Supply of monoclonal antibody treatment to Florida, Alabama, Tennessee, Texas & other Southern states restricted by Biden Admin with no real explanation besides ‘equity,’” she continued, asking, “How is it equitable to only send treatment for HALF the Floridians who need it, & NO state sites in Alabama?”

Fortunately, it appears that southern states will be circumventing the Biden regime.

Ron DeSantis appears to be leading the way.


Folks, this is what Democratic socialism looks like.



Vindictive government overreach!

Not the Bee confirms that southern states will be affected the most by Biden’s rationing:

You’ve probably heard about monoclonal antibodies—a therapeutic treatment that has been highly successful at treating COVID-19. Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, for instance, aggressively championed the procedure in his state, which saw such promising results that even Dr. Anthony Fauci came out strongly in support of it.

Now, however, the Biden administration is announcing that it will begin rationing the treatment throughout the U.S., citing an alleged fear of shortages:

An HHS spokesperson said seven states have accounted for 70% of orders for the therapy. Those seven states are Florida, Texas, Mississippi, Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia and Louisiana.

“Given this reality, we must work to ensure our supply of these life-saving therapies remains available for all states and territories, not just some,” the HHS spokesperson said.

The distribution, which is similar to a system employed earlier this year, will fall to HHS, which will allocate product to states and territories each week, rather administration sites ordering them directly.

But is the threat of shortages real? Texas Montgomery County Judge Mark Keough wrote on Facebook this week that there was, in fact, no looming shortfall of the drug:

As of yesterday the Biden Administration is metering how many doses of Regeneron are sent to Texas and thus limiting how many are sent to the Montgomery County location. Telling Texas to reduce its use of the therapeutic treatment that has literally been saving lives and reducing hospitalizations.

Now I’d like to think this is because of a supply issue and it will be temporary at best. But it’s not. The manufacturer has confirmed supplies are ample but due to the Defense Production Act, the White House and it’s agencies are the only entities who can purchase and distribute this treatment.

So less than a week after the president tells us his patience is wearing thin and he is mandating vaccines to millions of Americans his administration limits and all but removes a non-controversial and highly successful treatment from our war chest of combating this virus.

A spokesman for the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services told CNN that the department “will determine the amount of product each state and territory receives on a weekly basis.”

Just like the Afghanistan disaster, Biden is poorly handling COVID-19.

But unlike President Trump, Biden appears to be putting actual American lives at risk.

Where is the media outrage?!

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