Breaking: Police Take Man into Custody After Suspicious Vehicle Located Outside Supreme Court – Police Perform Controlled Explosion

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The US Capitol Police on Tuesday took a suspect into custody after a “suspicious vehicle” was discovered parked near the Supreme Court.

The DC Capitol Police performed a controlled explosion.

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At least, the Capitol Police brought the man in alive. That’s progress.

CNN reported:

US Capitol Police on Tuesday took into custody a suspect from a “suspicious vehicle” parked near the Supreme Court after giving the person commands and using a flash bang device.

“One of our teams just moved in and extracted the man from the SUV. The man is in custody. Everyone is safe,” Capitol Police said on Twitter.

More than a half-dozen law enforcement vehicles, including a tactical vehicle, could be seen in the area after USCP said on Twitter they were investigating a “suspicious vehicle” and closed roads in the area.

The Supreme Court, which returned to in-person arguments for the start of a new term Monday, is hearing arguments again Tuesday in the courtroom.

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