Clif High Says We Are About To Cross RED2 and RED3

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Clif High is one of my favorite people to listen to online.

The man is a genius (certifiable, I think) and he uses his brilliance to write computer programs using “predictive linguistics” to tell us what is likely coming next in our world.

The really wild thing?

He’s been right.  A lot.

And he just said we’re about to cross over RED2 and RED3.

I know many of you know exactly what I’m talking about, but for those who don’t it comes from an old Q Drop back in 2017.

The Q Drops were postings online where a person or group of people operating under the pseudonym “Q” would post things in code about what would happen in the future regarding President Trump and our country.

And one of the most famous is Q Drop 4414 which talks about RED1-RED6.

Here it is:

The Q Drops are so masterfully done that they can often only be understood when looking backwards after they have happened.

And to this day no one is entirely sure what RED1-RED6 mean.

Many assume they mean red lines that will be crossed by the Deep State leading us further down the path of no return and at the end the Good Guys finally strike and end the whole thing.

What we do know is that RED1 has already happened.

Even that is stunning when you think of it.

Published back in 2017 and years later it would actually happen.

As far as most of us can figure, RED2 and RED3 have not happened yet.

But Clif High says his data is showing they will be happening very soon.

You ready for the Internet to go out for 10 days?

If it does, THEN will you believe Q is real?

Get ready folks, it’s coming soon.

And I can’t wait to see RED3!

Clif breaks it all down here:

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