Colorado’s Saguache County Adopts ‘Emergency Regulations’ Allowing Warrantless Entry to Private Property and Preventing Sale of Firearms and Ammo Into

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Colorado’s Saguache County approves measures in case of ‘Emergency’, that allow warrantless entry into households and prevent the sale of guns and ammo.

The Archvalley Voice reports:

On Tuesday, September 21, the Saguache Board of County Commissioners (BoCC) unanimously approved and adopted a new resolution titled; “Civil Emergency, Emergency, or Local Disaster Regulations” Resolution #2021-07.

These new regulations define the duties and powers of the Chair of the BoCC, spending authorities, spending limits, the succession of authority, government continuity of operations, and alternative meeting locations for the BoCC – during a County Declared Disaster.

Although not stated in the article, the resolution gives the County unheard-of rights:

3 – allows County to prevent the sale of anything

4 – allows for closing ‘nonessential’ businesses

5 – prevents the sale of alcohol, firearms

16 – allows County to accept gifts from non-profits and private organizations

17 – suspends the use of water resources

(4) – the ability to enter any property at will

See resolution below:

Saguache County Civil Emergency or Local Disaster Regulations Resolution# 2021-07!09!21-2021 by Jim Hoft on ScribdAfter the incredible mess caused by COVID on America’s freedoms and rights, why would any entity following the Constitution vote for more of the same?

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